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Hi Everyone!

2016-10-20 20:23:13 by IsabelAnimates


My name is IsabelAnimates and I am really new to the animating world! I don't have anything posted, but I might soon! I don't really know how to animate on this program so if you comment, please tell me how to animate and I will go and make a new animaton! I'm pretty young, so knowing now will help a lot! I will never give off any of my personal info but I will say some stuff.


2. I am a girl

3. I love drawing, but not so much on the computer.

4. My favorite YouTubers are TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, TonyVToons, Ihascupquake, FabvL, and Guava Juice!

Thats all, See ya!



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2016-10-21 05:36:24

Hey there Isabe! Hmm there seems to be a correlation between girls and a love for cookies. :P Or maybe it's universal. If you like Guava btw, you should try Guanabana! AKA Soursop. It's amazing. Out of this world. My favorite.

Welcome to the community also; hope you enjoy your stay!

IsabelAnimates responds:

Thanks Cyber, I hope for the best! Also, do you have any tips for a new animation for me? I have a tough time animating on this program.


2016-10-26 11:23:19

Tips on how to work with it, or ideas for script/story/stuff like that? Which program are you working with?

(Updated ) IsabelAnimates responds:

Well, its real hard to explain. You see, I have a real tough time finding a funny story because i'm obviously not a comedian. When doing something from heart or from memory is easy, but something that is made up could take days! I can't really spread any content about my personal life, so i'm kinda stuck. What I was trying to say is do you have any ideas that could help?


2016-11-08 13:15:03

Hmm ideas for a comedy hmm... ideas for artworks pop up easily, but feels so weird trying to conjure up a script... not sure where I'd start there! Let's see, ideas:

1. Two characters with shades on, walking casually, talking - scene seen from side. Left guy asks right guy where he bought his shades. Right guy looks confused. They're just regular glasses. But then... why are they black? Lamp post appears in view, right guy walks right into it. "Maybe paint wasn't such a good idea...". Punch line could probably use some polishing, but yeah, basic idea... also potential for some racial humor, if not too edgy. "It's the new black". Or, a twist: next day they keep walking the same walk, again with shades. Left guy asks right guy about his new sunglasses. Turns out right guy just has two black eyes (from previous day).

2. Two characters talking about mice, and their lack of intellectual prowess, walking by a trap with a dead mouse in it (or less harmless:a mouse just sniffing some cheese, at edge of trap). One of characters discovers a sign: Free Cookies! Some ominous contraption looms above it, a box, or weight, or whatever's suitable, but she dives right in. Punchline lies in proximity between discussion and obvious trap.

3. Donkey Kong parody, where he slips on a banana peel.

4. Mine Sweeper parody, where the animation zooms in on large, ominous mines... and then a janitor comes and sweeps them away. With a broom. Zoom out quickly.

Something like that...? Once you start thinking things up it seems it's not all that difficult... though the first two of these might be a bit cliche. :) Also: some idea of someone falling through a manhole, and ending up somewhere else entirely. Or getting sucked in through a computer. Or a Mr. Mime in a city (the Pokemon)... as an actual mime, I mean. Any potential inspiration there?

IsabelAnimates responds:

Okay, that helps a lot! And I do know about Mr. Mime, I do love the Anime (Sorry that I didn't mention it..) so I might make a pokemon animation if I get the chance!


2016-11-10 04:45:58

Awesome. Let me know if you make something with the idea, would be fun to see it!

IsabelAnimates responds:

Okay, Cyber. I'll give you the latest news when I get my idea!