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2016-10-29 15:21:06 by IsabelAnimates

Hey everyone!

I have two ways to contact me for new art! One is through Scratch (Its a old account that I barely use, thats why most art isn't that good.) and ROBLOX, Which is a gaming site. I game there, but I don't create the games.. I will have the URL in this so you can check out my accounts!

Scratch :





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2016-11-04 17:30:52

You can add those sites to the left side bar by going to Account Settings (gear icon), then Websites and Contact Info.

If you're hard up for a story or anecdote to animate, try looking in the Writing Portal here: Best of luck!

IsabelAnimates responds:

Thanks, VicariousE!
I was needing a lot of help, so this will make a great story! And best of luck to you!