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2017-02-10 18:46:06 by IsabelAnimates

Oh, yay.. Another post.. 


Yeah yeah.. I know, but come on! I haven't been on in a while! Mainly because of school work and my parents hogging the computer. I really didn't want to make this, but I guess I might have to. I may not be on for a long LONG time, it is just very stressful in all. Just know that I will not be on all the time, but will be on from time to time! I will post now and then, but DON'T be surprised when I stop for a while. Also, I said on my Frisk Artwork that you can suggest ideas for new artwork but it has to be not sexy or nude. You can suggest ANY IDEAS that fit the rule, and I may do it! Please do it on any recent post I have open so it'll be easier for me!! Bai guys! (P.S The Error!Sans thing I won't do, it is just not turning out well..)



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2017-02-11 15:22:16

( Also, a small tidbit of a story. :P I don't know if you ever knew this but I have never won ANYTHING in my life. It's depressing.. I was at a Valentines Day party yesterday after school and they had a limbo contest. I have always done it at cousin's b-day parties and such but I never once won. Me and my friend Amie tried it out since we were the smallest girls there. Every time we got up we would always yell,"GO LOWER!!!" and stuff. When there was only 10 people left in line, the bar was EXTREMELY LOW. The turn for my friend, Amie, came up and she lost, meaning that I WAS THE LAST ONE. I have sensitive hearing, but everyone was either yelling,"ISABEL! ISABEL!" or,"GO! GO! GO! GO!" repeating themselves. I went under the beam and everyone yelled out,"YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!" It hurt my ears but it was great to win something for once. I'll never forget it. And of course, I really don't know why they did Limbo anyways.. :P )