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2017-06-09 13:15:12 by IsabelAnimates


* Whew * Calm down, Isabel. Too excited...

But STILL! School ended! I am happy, but very sad that most of my friends and I will be away from each other for a while. Did you like my OverTale Frisk drawing? No? Okie... It didn't come out as I wanted, I wanted to be a bit more chibi and fluffy but OH WELL. Also, a huge impact happened, I commented on TheNobles Tumblr and THEY RESPONDED OMG!!! I'm still happy and wondering why they would respond to a small noodle like me. But, I am so happy it happened! * Fangirls for a sec * Calm down again... :P

Okay, I'm going to stop now. Expect more posts than before! :D


.~* IsabelDraws *~.


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2017-06-09 15:04:44

Youre lucky.
My school ends in 15 days!

IsabelAnimates responds:

13, counting today. Also, i'm sorry for your suffering with stuff at school.